Platos Closet Haul


So I’ll be honest. When it comes to buying clothes I never go to second hand/thrift stores. I love the idea but I have never been able to find anything I like so I have found it to be pointless to even try.

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Pixi by Petra Apricot Glow Eyeshadow Review


About a month ago I won a raffle that contained multiple samples of makeup. The day after the raffle I went out of town for a week so my samples got shoved in a corner and forgotten about. While cleaning the house today I found them and decided to try out this eyeshadow by Pixi by Petra.

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Tag Friday//25 Beauty Questions Tag


Hey everyone! I decided to start a new series called “Tag Fridays.” I love filing out tags and so I thought this would be a fun way to incorporate them into my blog! I am not going to tag anyone specific but if you fill it out feel free to share it with me, I’d love to see your answers! Also if there are any tags you’d like to see me do let me know in the comments!

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