The Heart Project//Mental Health Monday


I can’t believe it has been over a month since I’ve done a mental health Monday! Mental health with always be a large part of my life and a very important issue to me.

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Gratitude Journaling


I have never been a journal/diary kind of girl. I remember many different birthday parties receiving diaries as gifts from friends that never got written in. It just wasn’t me. However I have now found what fits me. Gratitude Journaling.

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Mental Health Awareness Month//Stigma Free Pledge


As I said last week I will be highlighting different campaigns going on during mental health awareness month. Last week I highlighted Mental Health America’s campaign, B4Stage4. This week I will be highlighting National Alliance on Mental Health’s (NAMI) campaign, Stigma Free PledgeContinue reading

All or Nothing Thinking Style


Since it is mental health awareness month and this is a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot lately I figured it I might as well discuss it on the blog! For those of you who are not into reading about mental health don’t worry I still plan on blogging about many other things as well!

There are many unhealthy thinking styles (or cognitive distortions) such as jumping to conclusions, catastrophizing, labeling, emotional reasoning, etc. Everyone is guilty of one style or another and I am guilty of my fair share which is one of the main causes of my anxiety. However, I feel lately much of our society is using all or nothing thinking (can also be called polarized thinking or black and white thinking) and it makes me sad.  Continue reading

Mental Health Awareness Month//B4Stage4

May is mental health awareness month. Mental health is something I am passionate about for 2 main reasons. I am currently pursuing my bachelors in psychology therefore I have studied mental health and have seen how devastating it can be when untreated. The second and biggest reason is because I myself suffer from severe anxiety and panic disorders. I was diagnosed 13 years ago and still struggle today. I have decided that because this is something I am so passionate about that I want to bring as much awareness to it as I can. Over the course of the month I plan on highlighting different campaigns going on this month for mental health awareness.

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