Favorite Pins


I think it’s safe to say most people out there have an account on Pinterest and if they don’t they have at least heard of it. I remember I discovered Pinterest before it became popular and didn’t know why it wasn’t popular. Well know things have changed and it is one of the biggest websites ever. I have discovered quite a few things since Pinterest came into myself and I thought I would share my favorites.

1. Aluminum Foil Grease Catcher


Yeah I don’t know if there is really an official name for this but I love it! I discovered this right before I got married which was perfect timing since those first few months most meals I cooked consisted of ground beef. I never really knew the proper way to dispose of grease. I remember my mom having a mason jar full of it under the sink growing up but that always grossed me out. This is super easy and convenient. All you do is drain the food over a bowl covered in aluminum foil and then ball it up and throw it away as soon as the grease cools. So simple and brilliant!

2. Shoe Rack Cleaner Holder


I made up a name for this one too. Whoever came up with this one is also a genius. When you live in a townhouse storage is pretty limited. I also lost my cleaning products because I didn’t have one set location for all of them. I typically had the bathroom products in the bathroom, the dusting sprays in a closet and the rest were in various locations. This make it so much easier! I never have to wonder where a certain clear is because it’s all right there. I have mine on my laundry room door so I also have all of my dryer sheets in there which is really convenient as well.

3. Baked Apple Chips


This is one of my most recent discoveries. I’ve been on an apple kick lately and this was perfect. I happened to have a bag full of apples when I found this so I made this that night. I just sliced my apples with a knife (because it’s all I have) and they definitely were not thin enough. They didn’t come out very crispy even after leaving them in the oven for an extra hour because like I said they were way too thick. But even so they were extremely delicious!! My husband and I downed a tray full in a few minutes. I will definitely be making them again soon!

4. Red Lobster Copy Cat Biscuits


I have always loved Red Lobsters Cheddar Bay Biscuits but I’m not a fan of much else there. After trying the homemade kind I have no reason to ever go back again. I think these actually taste BETTER than the ones from Red Lobster. I am not a big cook but I never mind whipping these up because they are so simple.

To check out each of my favorites you can click on the pictures to take you straight to the pin. I know 4 is not a lot but I wanted to do my ALL TIME favorite pins. If I did all my favorites this post would be forever long. I hope you enjoyed these and I would love to see some of your favorites!


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