Fitness Update!


Fitness, Health, and Exercise are NOT my thing. I try but I just have trouble sticking to anything. I’ve posted some things about my fitness journey in the past so I thought it might be time for an update. 

I wrote a post awhile back about getting a fitbit. I still wear it every single day but I very rarely make me step goal. I actually haven’t met my goal since July 4th when I almost doubled it, actually if it hadn’t hit midnight I would have doubled it since I was out till 3AM that night. I’ve decided to still use my fitbit but not get too caught up on steps until I have a job or at least a bigger house. When you live in a dinky little town home it only takes about 3 steps to get anywhere.

I also told you I was doing some of the 30 day challenges from Blogilates. The ones I was working on last time were the thigh challenge and arm challenge. I was semi good at it, I was getting them in about once a day. I was doing better at the thigh challenge than arm challenge. I made it 23 days into my thigh challenge and then went out of town and sort of forgot about it. However I do plan on finishing it eventually. The arm one I didn’t like as much so I don’t know if I will finish it or not.

I did start a new challenge however! I grew up dancing and was naturally flexible. Around the time I was 10 years old I was almost able to do the splits on my left leg. I’m still really really close and have always wanted to be able to do them fully. I also LOVE stretching, even if I don’t like working out stretching is something I love. I find it weird though that I don’t like yoga since  it’s similar to stretching, but anyways. This month Blogilates released a new challenge called Journey to the Splits. I have been doing a lot better at this one. I am definitely tighter than I used to be but it just feels so good to stretch!

As far as health eating goes, I don’t. I am actually sitting here munching on a bag of chips as I type this (their baked though so does that make it better?). I am the kind of person that has to ease into things so I want to get the whole work out thing going for me first and then I’ll slowly try to implement healthy options into my diet.


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