What I Learned in June


First of all it’s July already?!?!? How did that happen. It doesn’t seem like we are half way through 2015 already. As a kid I always saw the 4th of July as meaning summer was halfway over because we typically got out of school mid May and went back mid August. This year however I actually finish school mid August so I’m not so bummed about already being half way done with summer!

Anyways I saw this idea on Gina‘s blog and thought I would recap what I have learned in the month of June.

1. Washing your face really isn’t so bad. You may be thinking what? So, up until now I pretty much only washed my face when I took a shower. I will be the first to admit I can be really lazy and washing my makeup off at night was definitely one thing I just skipped all together. Last month I started noticing some things on my face that I didn’t like. Because my sister pretty much knows everything you could ever know about skin I talked to her and she generously set me up with a bunch of awesome products that have made me actually take the time to wash my face every single night. If you want to know my face washing routine let me know in the comments.

2. I am really good at procrastinating. While I’ve always been good at doing things at the last-minute I feel that my senioritis is making it so much worse. Monday night I actually found myself starting a power point presentation about 6 hours before it was due. Not only that but I still had discussion board posts I needed to complete as well. I rarely even take the time to look at my assignments until the day they are due these days and it’s such a bad habit. I keep saying I am going to get better but I will be graduating in 8 weeks so I’m not seeing that happening any time soon. But not only am I procrastinating when it comes to school but also my blog posts. Thankfully I am getting a better hold on it now.

3. Rain sucks. I don’t know how this summer has been for you guys but here it’s been wet. It has pretty much rained at least 6 days out of the week this entire month. It’s impossible to accomplish any fun summer activities in this weather. There are lots of areas that have flooded making it even worse. Thankfully we kind of live on the top of a hill so we haven’t had to worry about that. Either way though I am done with rain. If it didn’t rain again all summer I would be fine with that!

4. I don’t take nearly enough steps each day. I purchased a Fitbit last month (you can read about it here) and am quickly realizing that I take very few steps per day. I am still amazed at how many steps my husband gets working a full time job compared to me. We also noticed that even when we do the same exact things all day he tends to get more steps than I do. We have figured that this is because one of two reasons. Maybe I take longer strides than he does? I’m going to assume this is not the case because I don’t feel like I take long strides but you never know. The second guess is that his Fitbit is more accurate than mine. We have different versions and his is a better version. Therefore this could contribute to my lack of steps. Either way I still don’t take enough steps during the day. My goal for July is to get better at it.

5. I don’t like Buffalo Sauce. I’ve never been one for spicy foods but my husband is a spicy food fanatic. From time to time I will eat something with a little bit of a kick because of him and I’ve been doing it more often. I found I typically like the flavor of spicy food but the heat isn’t so great. Anyways we went to Chili’s for dinner the other night because we had a gift card and I decided to be daring and order the buffalo chicken salad with the buffalo sauce this time because what person would want buffalo sauce on their buffalo chicken? Oh yeah normal people! But yeah I decided why not. I quickly learned that I do not like it. Ok so I didn’t hate it but I definitely didn’t love it. The heat really didn’t bother me that much but it had a really weird flavor. I feel as though I should have known before I was 25 years old what buffalo sauce tasted like but seeing how I used to avoid all things hot I really didn’t know.

I might start doing these every month because I enjoyed thinking back over the past month and remembering the little things I’ve learned. If you enjoyed this and would like to see more posts like this like or comment this post!

I also want to give a shout out to this awesome site I found with non copyrighted photos. I snagged one for this post and plan on using more in the future. Check it out http://jaymantri.com 


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