DIY Push Pin Map


I am very proud of my latest DIY so I thought I would share it with you all!

A little back story. My Dad recently left his job at a company he has worked for, for 35 years! Around the time I was 17 the local plant closed but the company decided to hire him to work “from home.” He had a home office and an office in another state about 5+ hours away. Besides having to travel a lot to the main office his new position included a LOT of traveling. He had always traveled in his job but very rarely and usually no place far. He had been to South Korea a few times but other than that it was in in the US and sometimes Toronto. When he started the new position he started traveling the world. Over the past few years he has been to so many different countries I couldn’t count them all if I tried. Since Christmas he has been out of the country 1-2 times a month. Being away so much was hard on him so he was extremely blessed to have found a new job after a long time of searching. He put so much into his job the last 35 years and my sister and I wanted to give him something special. I decided a push pin map was the perfect gift!

I have always wanted to make one but I never have. This just seemed like the perfect opportunity. Now that I have seen how easy it is I think I will make one of the United States for my husband and I.



Role of Cork 


Spray Glue

Push Pins 

Step 1: Find a Map! This part kind of made me nervous. It is so hard to find maps in stores and the ones they do have are not usually the style I was wanting for this particular project. I decided to just google images of maps. I was lucky enough to stumble upon this map. It was not only exactly what I was looking for but it was just big enough to be able to print in the size I was wanting. If you are going to print a map instead of buy one I recommend Staples or Walgreens. For this particular project I chose Staples because I wanted an 18×24 and Walgreens doesn’t have an option for that size. I printed mine in Semi-Gloss but if you prefer Gloss that’s fine too.

Step 2: Glue the cork to the back of the frame. If you want you can skip this step and just glue the map to the cork and keep it separate from the frame backing but I felt this would make it sturdier. Roll out your cork on a flat surface and lay the back on top.


 As you can probably see from the picture the cork likes to roll itself up so it works best to find objects to place on the cork to hold it down. After you roll it out you want to glue the back straight onto the cork and then cut off the excess cork. After that you will glue the map onto the cork side.

Step 3: Assemble! Now all you have to do is take the glass out of the frame and insert the back into the frame which now has a map and cork attached to it. Now of course the only thing left to do is insert all your pins!


I put in the few pins shown above before giving it to my dad and I let him fill in the rest. I wish I would have taken a picture of it after it was filled with push pins!


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