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this or that

I wasn’t sure if I should continue with Tag Friday’s but good friend Sparkles, Sweet, & Sarcasm tagged me to do the This or That tag! Hope you enjoy! Like always I tag anyone reading this!

Blush or bronzer?
Bronzer is a MUST during the summer for me because my face doesn’t tan but the rest of my body does so I gotta match it all up! But for all year around blush. 

Lip gloss or lip stick?
Depends on my mood but probably lip stick. Gloss can get too messy

Eyeliner or mascara?
Probably Mascara 

Foundation or concealer?
Foundation because wearing only concealer would look weird. 

Neutral or color eye shadow?
Neutral! I use the Nude ‘Tude palette on a daily basis. 

Pressed or loose eye shadows?
Never used loose. 

Brushes or sponges?
I have a beauty blender which I like ok but I like my Real Techniques Brushes better! 

OPI or China Glaze?

Long or short?
My nails are literally paper thin so they pretty much break off if they get long at all. I’d rather them long but they are always short. 

Acrylic or natural?
Natural, acrylics can ruin your nails

Brights or darks?
Polish hates my nails, it chips so fast it’s ridiculous but I typically do darks in the winter and brights in the summer. 

Perfume or body splash?
I only own one perfume so I typically use body spray.

Lotion or body butter?
Lotion I’ve only used body butter a few times. 

Body wash or soap?
Body wash! 

Lush or other bath company?
Never used Lush before :/ I’d love to try their products though! I’ve heard great things. 

Jeans or sweat pants?
LOVE my sweatpants! But if I’m leaving the house I usually put jeans on. 

Long sleeve or short?
Depends on the weather and what the shirt looks like. 

Dresses or skirts?
Probably dress

Stripes or plaid?

Flip-flops or sandals?
Flip Flops. It’s hard to find sandals that fit my skinny feet.

Scarves or hats?
I love hats but I can rarely find ones that look good on my head.

Studs or dangly earrings?
Studs all day everyday

Necklaces or bracelets?
Necklaces! I can never seem to keep bracelets on. 

Heels or flats?
Flats. I am all about comfort!

Jacket or hoodie?
Depends I like both but probably hoodie. 


Bun or ponytail?
It’s too short for a bun right now but even when it’s longer I’m a pony tail girl.

Bobby pins or butterfly clips?
Bobby pins

Hair spray or gel?
Out of the two hairspray. Gel reminds me too much of childhood dance competitions. Typically I don’t use any products in my hair except dry shampoo. 

Long or short?
Long! I currently have my hair short for the first time in about 15 years.

Light or dark?
Dark. I’ve tried both and I just look better in darker hair. 

Side sweep bangs or full bangs?
Tried both and even though my face doesn’t like to cooperate with side bangs they still look better than front bangs. 

Up or down?
Although it looks better down, I can’t seem to keep it out of a pony tail. I won’t even realize it either it’s just a habit for me to put it up. 

Rain or shine?
Shine! I don’t mind rain at night though.

Summer or winter?

Autumn or spring?
Spring! it means summer is on it’s way! 

Chocolate or vanilla?
That’s really hard because it depends on what the food is. I will go with chocolate though. 

East coast or west coast?
The only part of the “coast” I’ve been to is Florida so I don’t really know. I’m a midwesterner at heart. 

Vogue or InStyle?
Haven’t looked at either in years but I am going to say vogue. 

Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe?
I wanna say none but Khloe can be hilarious (or at least was about 7 years ago when I last watched their show).

Coffee or tea?


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