Fitness Goals


A few weeks ago I posted a blog all about my FitBit. Now that I’ve had it a few weeks I’m realizing that making your step goal can be really hard.

I mentioned before that I only set my goal to 5000 steps a day which doesn’t sound like much compared to most people but living in an apartment being a housewife doesn’t require as many steps a day as you would think. I would have never guessed how much having a job could make a difference on your steps. My husband typically gets over 10,000 steps from work alone. Even if I’m cleaning the house all day, our apartment is so small that it takes only a handful of steps to walk from one end to the other.

On the weekends when my husband and I are out and about it’s much easier for me to meet my goal. I haven’t met my goal everyday actually most days I don’t. I was really discouraged at first because I felt lazy, like how come everyone else can hit 10,000 a day and I can’t even make 5,000. I’m finally realizing that your lifestyle and career really do come into play when it comes to steps.

I also haven’t been able to go on many walks these past few weeks because it’s been raining quite a bit. The last few days it’s been sunny but extremely hot and humid. On days like that I plan on taking walks in the evening but the last few days I have been gone in the evenings since my husband has had my car during the day the only time I can run errands is when he is home from work.

I decided that I will continue to try to reach my 5,000 steps but I need to find something else as well since I can’t get as many steps as I would like. I have been a fan of Blogilates for a long time now. I recently saw her posts about a 30 day sleek arm challenge and thought it looked like something I could do. I have started many challenges and quit after like 3 days but this time I was determined to stick it out. I finished the first day of arms and I felt like I should do a little more so I found her 30 day thigh slimming challenge and decided to add that in as well. I am proud to day I’m on day 10 and I haven’t given up yet!

Some of you might look at the first day of these challenges and think they look like nothing but you have to remember I’m starting from doing nothing at all. While I don’t feel like my arms and thighs look any different after 10 day I can tell I’m getting stronger. I was sadly super sore after day 1 of only doing 5 squats and now I can do 10 easy!

With all of that being said here are my fitness goals for the month of June!

June Goals

Finish the 30 day thigh challenge

Finish the 30 day arm challenge

Walk 5,000 steps every day

If anyone has any fitness tips they would like to share I’d love to hear them!

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