Pixi by Petra Apricot Glow Eyeshadow Review


About a month ago I won a raffle that contained multiple samples of makeup. The day after the raffle I went out of town for a week so my samples got shoved in a corner and forgotten about. While cleaning the house today I found them and decided to try out this eyeshadow by Pixi by Petra.

As you can see it doesn’t look so great in the picture because I’m a klutz and dropped the eyeshadow which broke up the pigment. Oh well it still works even if it doesn’t look so pretty. Also note that I have terrible lighting in my house and it’s been dark and rainy for the past few days so getting a good picture has been super challenging.

Ok back to the review. I may have mentioned in an older blog post that I have been religiously wearing the Balm’s  NUDE ‘tude palette and nothing else since christmas. I tend to find something I like and get stuck in my ways. I also want to mention I was using the Real Technique’s shading brush for my lid and essential crease brush for my crease. I also used Urban Decay’s Eye Shadow Primer Potion before applying the shadows.

The first thing I noticed when applying was it has nice pigmentation. I was definitely very pleased with that. I found it to be very comparable to my NUDE ‘tude palette which made me happy. I really liked the lighter color that I used on my lid. It is a very pretty neutral color.

Now I had a bit of a surprise when I put on the darker crease color. I was expecting it to be more of a brown color but it was definitely more “apricot.” However I should have guessed that seeing that the duo is called Apricot Glow. It definitely isn’t a color I normally wear but I do like it. It works as a good summer color and I have lots of outfits that would compliment it well.

I also like the shimmer in this product. It’s not too much to the point that it looks like glitter but it’s enough to give you a nice look. I used to primarily use matte shadows but I’ve been loving shimmer lately!

I can’t give a fair review on how long this product lasts because I put it on really late in the day but it seems to hold up well.

pixiapricoteyes pixiapricoteyesclosed

For now I am giving this product a 5 out of 5. I have nothing to complain about. I will definitely try it again earlier in the day to see how it holds up but overall I would recommend this product!

I will note that this particular duo appears to be a promotional product and cannot be purchased off of their website. These colors do however appear to be the same or very similar to the ones in their Copper Peach Mineral Palette.


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