A Little Salty to cut the Sweet//Book Review


Yes I know another book review but just hear me out! I have always been a procrastinator but I’m finding my procrastinating becoming a bigger problem now that I am a regular blogger. It seems Monday’s appear out of nowhere some weeks. That can become a problem when I realize it’s midnight and I’m supposed to have a blog post up for you guys in the morning!  Continue reading


Growing Up Duggar//Book Review


Before I begin with the book review I want to apologize for the blog being up late! I pre write and schedule all my blogs because I think having consistency is important. I knew this would be a fairly easy post to write (I didn’t have to take any special pictures or anything like that) so I decided it would be easy to write it on Thursday night. Well I had a meeting I attended Thursday night and when I got home my husband wanted use to watch a movie together. The longer I’m married the more I cherish spending time with my husband. We both talked the other day about how we are finding that we would rather spend time with each other than anyone else. Therefore I wasn’t about to turn down spending time together over writing my blog post. After the movie was over I was too tired to write anything that would make sense. That is why I am writing this today and it will be posted late. I’m sorry!!

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Free Phone Wallpapers


I was listening to KLOVE in the car the other day and ever since then I haven’t been able to get Francesca Battistelli’s song “He Knows My Name” out of my head. I was also feeling creative so I decided to mess around with my photo editing software and create some FREE phone wallpapers for you to enjoy using the lyrics from that song!

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