Easy Meals


Since yesterday was the first day back the normal routine after a week long vacation for my husband and I, it was the first time I’ve cooked in awhile. Cooking in my house is rough because I am the pickiest eater EVER and my husband wants to eat super healthy. Most of the time I end up cooking something for him and I just eat a PB&J or cereal.

I have started meal planning which has been going ok. It definitely is nice to not have to think about what to make but many times I get lazy and just pop a frozen veggie burger in the microwave for my husband. I am determined to get better at it! Since we live in a small town home with no dishwasher my biggest problem is keeping up on the dishes. I am getting in the habit of washing them as I go and I find that when I do that I cook more. My main reason for not cooking is not wanting to do the dishes.

So anyways I see these one pan dinners with green beans, chicken, and potatoes all over Pinterest. I don’t like green beans but my husband does. I found a version with sweet potatoes (which I also don’t like) over on Paleo Made Painless. I have made it for my husband before but I made a few mistakes. Did I mention I don’t cook much? I completely forgot to cover it in foil! It came out really dry. I felt bad but he ate it anyways. Also I made the mistake of sprinkling the spices on one at a time instead of mixing them together first. Let’s just say some bites of chicken only had paprika and other only had red pepper flakes.

I decided to try the recipe again and include things I would eat also. I love red potatoes so I made a separate dish of red potatoes for myself. Also since I have the appetite of a child I fixed myself my favorite Organic Chicken Tenders (I have this weird thing about non breaded chicken, again like I said PICKY). I also had a salad to get a few greens in.

meal Meal2

meal4 meal5

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my kitchen. I was very pleased with how my meal turned out this time! Also some of the pictures came out a little blurry due to the steam coming off the food. Sorry about that!!


8 thoughts on “Easy Meals

    • I had never fixed the other one because I try to stay away from using packets like the italian seasoning one or taco seasoning because of all the added sugar and insane amounts of sodium. I was happy when I found this one because it used a combination of spices instead of a packet!


  1. It’s been so long since I’ve done a recipe. I really need to start coming again (as I sit here and munch on Burger King food!)


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