Mental Health Awareness Month//Crush the Stigma


Sadly it is the last Monday in May meaning this will be my last post highlighting a campaign for Mental Health Awareness Month. This week I will be highlighting the Crush the Stigma Pledge

Since today is Memorial Day I felt this campaign was the perfect one to share. You have probably noticed a theme in most the campaigns I have highlighted. STIGMA. This is a huge problem with mental illness. According to Military Spouses of Strength, 3 of 4 people with a mental illness report feeling labeled or stereotyped because of their mental illness. There is also evidence the stigma is getting worse not better. This HAS to stop!

Although the stigma of mental illness can happen to anyone, this campaign is focusing on military spouses and families. Military members and their families go through a lot. Between frequently relocating, spending time apart, an many other things, there is a lot of stress put upon military families. Already too many people do not seek help for mental illness and because of the inconsistency of military families it can be even harder for them.

The Crush the Stigma campaign by Military Spouses of Strength, like others, wants to see the stigma of mental illness gone! They are asking people to sign a pledge to Crush the Stigma of mental illness. Besides signing the pledge there are other ways to participate in this campaign. These things include making a donation, sharing your own story, using the hashtag #crushthestigma and many other things!

Please take a moment to check out this campaign and the others I have highlighted over the past few weeks.

Mental health is a serious issue and should be talked about all the time not just during the month of May. Although the month is coming to an end I am considering continuing posting about mental health on Mondays. Between suffering with multiple anxiety disorders and studying for my BS in Psychology I have many topics I would love to discuss! Let me know if you like this idea!

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