I got a FitBit!


My husband and Mom both got FitBit’s for Christmas. Every since then I have been considering getting one. Earlier this week, both my Dad and sister got them. After that I broke down and got myself one.

I was very active as a kid but the older I got the less active I became. At age 25 I have hit my all time lowest level of activity and I have gained 20+ lbs in the last 3 years. I have never been a runner and I don’t plan on ever being one but walking is something I can do. I love the idea of having something that automatically tracks your steps. I believe this will be a huge motivator for me. I also love the idea that you can “challenge” your buddies on FitBit in different things. I need a lot of motivation when it comes to anything fitness related and I think this is a great idea.

Unfortunately I have to set my step goal pretty low right now (I currently have it set at 5,000 a day) for 2 main reasons.

1. I spend a lot of time online doing school.

2. There is something wrong with my feet.

I shouldn’t use school as an excuse for not working out but it kind of is. When all my school is online it makes it much harder to fit activity into your school schedule. Even all my books are online making it pretty much impossible to read my textbooks while walking on a treadmill. My husband works a full time job and is on his feet all day. By the time he gets home for work he typically has around 11,000 steps already and the day isn’t even over. That is just not possible for me.

The most unfortunate reason is my feet. I have always had bad feet but never bad enough that I’ve had them looked at. I remember as a kid it was almost impossible to find tap shoes that didn’t kill my feet. One of my biggest problems is how narrow my feet are. There are very few shoes that stay on my feet let alone shoes that fit properly. I recently got new tennis shoes and made sure to buy nice supportive soles as well. Unfortunately after about 10 minutes of walking in them my arches ache and I get nerve pains on the side of my feet. Then starting about a month ago I have been getting pain in one of my toes that won’t go away. Needless to say I’m trying to avoid being on my feet for long periods of time if I don’t have to.

Until I figure out what is wrong with my feet I will probably try to do some yoga or other types of workouts that don’t involve a lot of time on my feet to burn more calories and give me more active minutes. Besides those 2 problems I’m really excited about my FitBit! I plan on tracking my sleep tonight and I’m anxious to see the results.

If anyone else has a FitBit I’d love to hear how it has helped you and what your favorite features are!


4 thoughts on “I got a FitBit!

  1. Have you tried biking, even if it’s a stationary bike? I’m thinking about going to the family room at the gym. You could go and pedal for a bit.


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