Mental Health Awareness Month//Stop Stigma with Science


It’s Monday so that means it’s time to highlight another mental health awareness campaign! 

This week I have decided to highlight The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation’s campaign called Stop Stigma with Science. Just like I discussed last week, mental health has a stigma that goes along with it. This campaign is using social media to provide daily scientific facts during the month of may to try and help reduce the stigma.

Some of the facts already posted include

  • “Depression has nothing to do with being lazy/weak. It’s a result of changes in brain chemistry function.”
  • About 1/2 of kids identified w/autism has average or higher intellectual ability”
  • “Children exposed to neglect, abuse and divorce are more likely to have #depression.”
  • “Did you know- The average age of onset of #anxiety disorders is 11?

You can find the links to their social media pages on their website at


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