My 101 in 1001

When I saw this challenge posted on the blog Vallarina Creative I just knew I had to make one myself! The basic idea is you write 101 goals to accomplish in 1001 days. It is important to make these goals measurable and realistic. I have been working on my list for awhile now and it’s harder than I thought! The first 25 or so came pretty easy but after that it was a bit of a battle. I read probably 50+ blogs with this same challenge to help come up with ideas. I plan on doing regular updates with my progress.

Start Date: April 24, 2015

End Date: January 19, 2018

You can use the calculator here to figure out the date!

1. Spend a day technology free

2. Spend a day at the beach

3. Visit a waterfall

4. Complete a gratitude journal

5. Read 50 books

6. Sew something I can wear myself

7. Go on a hike

8. Get a part time job

9. Grow something I can eat

10. Take a yoga class

11. Go sledding

12. Go to the zoo

13. Go ice skating

14. Go to a baseball game

15. Run a mile

16. Send out Christmas Cards

17. Fly a kite

18. Have a picnic

19. Play a full game of monopoly

20.  Sponsor a child from an impoverished country

21. Make homemade mac & cheese (some that actually tastes good!)

22. Get a massage

23. Go to a drive-in movie

24. Go apple picking

25. Make (or buy) a push pin map and pin all of our vacations

26. Go to confession at least 3 times

27. Create a budget

28. Attend a Dave Ramsey Class

29. Visit a state I’ve never been to before

30. Pay for the person behind me in a drive-thru

31. Learn how to make sushi (for my husband to eat not me!)

32. Switch completely to all natural cleaning products

33. Go 2 weeks without going out to eat

34. Try 20 new restaurants in the area

35. Take a ballroom dance class

36. Pay off one of our modes of transportation (car or motorcycle)

37. Have profession family photos taken

38. Read the entire New Testament

39. Get my nose pierced

40. Try 10 new recipes

41. Sit around a bonfire with friends

42. Obtain 25 followers on my blog

43. Complete a pinterest DIY

44. Participate in a scavenger hunt

45. Buy something off of Etsy

46. Fill up our coin jar and turn it in for cash

47. Go on a 10 mile bike ride

48. Go geocaching

49. Complete a photo challenge

50. Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it

51. Donate 50 items I do not need anymore to charity

52. Learn how to check the oil in my car

53. Complete a 2000 (or more) piece puzzle

54. Find a swim suit I feel comfortable wearing

55. Start recycling

56. Explore a new park

57. Go to 5 local festivals

58. Graduate from college

59. Go to a casino

60. Visit a museum I’ve never been to before

61. Be able to do 20 push ups

62. Explore downtown

63. Wake up before 9AM for a whole week

64. Clean out and organize my closet

65. Watch 25 movies on IMDB’s list of the top 250 movies of all time

66. Give a homemade gift

67. Volunteer for an organization that I feel passionate about

68. Prepare a freezer meal

69. Post an Operation Beautiful note

70. Finish watching Desperate Housewives

71. Learn how to cross stitch

72. Add 5+ Nutcrackers to my collection

73. See another show at our local dinner theater

74. Put away 3-6 months worth of expenses in savings

75. Create a blogging schedule

76. Carve a pumpkin

77. Make something homemade I would normally buy (e.g. spaghetti sauce)

78. Start and finish a knitting project

79. Find out my blood type

80. Put on makeup and real clothes (no sweatpants!) everyday (not including weekends) for a month!

81. Have New Years Eve plans

82. Comment on 50 different blogs

83. Buy a fitbit

84. Reach 100 blog posts

85. Pray the rosary every night for a week

86. Set up and instagram account for my blog

87. Get out my DSLR and go on a photography outing

88. Go to another paint and sip class

89. Try 10 different uses for essential oils

90. Do something to help bring awareness to anxiety and panic disorders

91. Go a whole week without putting my hair in a ponytail

92. Have my makeup professionally done

93. Buy a lottery ticket

94. Complete a Bible Study

95. Eat Pie on Pi day

96. Enter a contest

97. Build a gingerbread house

98. Ride a horse

99. Go to a comedy show

100. Dye my hair a new color

101. Watch 25 documentaries


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